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Save the Endangered Honey Bear - Buy only 100% pure honey. Or we may lose him forever.

13-Oct-2022 | SALT LAKE CITY, Utah | News-Press Release

You might be wondering to yourself, "What's all of the buzz about the Honey Bear being endangered?" Well, we'll tell you... For a while, the Honey Bear was overlooked and left by his lonesome in the pantry. Few realized he  was a natural, pure sweetener with a number of applications in and out of the kitchen.


Our campaign to Save the Endangered Honey Bear is a light-hearted approach to remind people of honey's wonderful uses and support the Honey Bear's continued bounce-back to the front of the pantry shelf. More and more people are looking for natural, single-ingredient foods in their cooking and baking and honey is a great option. Many people are unaware of honey-flavored syrups, or honey that's been diluted with other ingredients. These blends are moving onto grocery and discount store shelves and consumers may not be able to distinguish between 100% pure honey and similarly-packaged honey-syrup blends. This puts the honey industry in a "sticky" situation.


In this news release, you will find information about our campaign for 100% pure honey, the differences between real honey and imitation honey, and ways that YOU, the consumer, can help in our efforts. In this age of artificial foods, isn't it nice to know that something is pure? Honey is one ingredient, the way nature intended.


What's the Story?


The Endangered Honey Bear (and 100% pure honey) needs your help: One of America's most timeless kitchen staples, honey, is being threatened by honey-flavored syrups, or honey that's been diluted with other ingredients, that are becoming more and more common on store shelves. They masquerade as honey all the while containing very little actual honey. These honey-flavored syrups, also known as honey blends or imitation/artificial honey, are causing confusion among consumers. The blends are usually found in honey bear containers, with labels that look astoundingly similar to 100% pure honey labels. Typically, the word HONEY is in large print on the label, which easily misleads consumers.


One-ingredient products, like honey, do not have to list that single ingredient on the label, unlike multi-ingredient products. So, we are urging consumers to always check the label before making a honey purchase. If there are ingredients listed other than honey, it's not 100% pure. When trying to decipher a label, remember this: Honey has ONE ingredient, no additives or preservatives, and that's exactly what any 100% pure honey label should say.


What You Can Do to Help?


You can get involved and spread the word about 100% pure honey by checking the honey label for ONE ingredient, using 100% pure honey in more recipes, or asking your grocer or favorite restaurants to carry only 100% pure honey. 




The HONEY FEDERATION is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the "Beehive State". The HONEY FEDERATION is the leading not-for-profit membership association for USDA organic certified honey and wild harvested raw honey.


For more information or questions, please email or visit 


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