Unique Technology Behind the Market's Purest and Most Refined Anthocyanin Product

17-Mar-2011 | News-Press Release

Medox® Optimal contains anthocyanins that reduce oxidative stress, and it can contribute strongly towards improving health as a result of its unique properties. Medox® is a natural, pure anthocyanin product extracted from bilberries and black currants, developed and produced in Norway by Biolink Group. Anthocyanins are often destroyed in the extraction process. An intact molecule is essential in order for anthocyanins to be absorbed and made use of by the cells in the body. Unlike other extracts, Medox®Optimal is produced by a chromatographic process that ensures that the anthocyanin molecule is intact and thus acts effectively in the body.


Medox® consists of vegetable capsules containing the anthocyanin complex MP865®. No other products on the market contain this clinically documented anthocyanin complex. Medox®Optimal contains as much as 80mg anthocyanins and 115mg of polyphenols and is sold in boxes containing 30 capsules. Medox®Optimal strengthens the immune defense system on young people. Clinical studies at a Norwegian university hospital show that Medox®Optimal counteracts the common cold. Medox®Optimal also reduces stress in active everyday life, and can thus prevent chronic health problems. Young people remain healthy with Medox®Optimal’s unique antioxidants.


Medox®Optimal increases the body’s performance on Athletes. Free radicals are toxic substances formed in the body with high training intensity. This leads to harmful oxidative stress. Medox®Optimal neutralizes free radicals and makes them harmless, protects against their possible destructive action, and diminishes oxidative stress.


Medox®Optimal Protects the body on Adults. In the transition to middle age, the amount of free radicals in the body increases, and so does oxidative stress. Pilot studies have shown that Medox®Optimal can reduce oxidative stress many times more effectively than traditional antioxidants. This takes place by a unique synergic interaction between the body’s own antioxidant glutathione and anthocyanins. This property of Medox®Optimal enables it to prevent chronic health problems more effectively than other antioxidant products.


Medox®Optimal strengthens the heart on Seniors. Clinical studies at a Norwegian university hospital have shown that Medox®Optimal can have a significantly positive effect on the cardiovascular system. A follow-up of 1,500 seniors who are taking Medox®Optimal seems to confirm this. International studies carried out on anthocyanins, the active ingredient in Medox®Optimal, show that these can make the blood vessels softer and more flexible.


Medical researchers conclude about Medox: “The observed changes in HDL and LDL are noteworthy because the anthocyanin extract (Medox) is derived from berry food stuff. Changes in these risk factors are clinical relevant. To put this into perspective, it has been reported that cardiovascular disease event rate is reduced by nearly 1% for each 1% reduction of LDL and by more than 1% for each 1% increase in HDL. Therefore, the 13,6 decrease in LDL and 13,7% increase in HDL would result in a nearly 27,3% reduction in coronary heart disease risk, which is meaningful and great promising.”


Press Contact:

Medox USA, Corporation

P.O.Box 546004

Bal Harbour, FL 33154

Email: medoxusa@gmail.com

Website: http://www.medoxusa.com

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