Out with the Old, In with the New

06-Apr-2011 | News-Press Release

Out with the Old, In with the New


TechnologyCerts Refines Adaptive Learning


Educational software that actually adapts to meet your particular needs?  It seems like something out of a science -fiction movie. The idea that our learning can be enhanced by the aid of the learning material itself appears almost too good to be true. Yet, it is not only true but quickly becoming invaluable to those who have been using it to get trained in the ever changing and expanding field of Information Technology. The key strength of this adaptive software is in identifying your weakness. The adaptive software keeps material that you find difficult at the forefront; concentrating on the material you don't know. By forcing you to focus on your 'rough' spots, you will comprehend the material in a more efficient manner.


TechnologyCerts, with the assistance of Too Technology, was one of the first IT training companies to begin utilizing this method of instruction. In the beginning, TechnologyCerts focus was on medium and large scale training solutions for government and corporate clients. Since then, the company has expanded to meet the needs of individual students and professionals that want that same high-quality training but have a modest budget.


Frank Jeffery, EVP for TechnologyCerts, recalls the initial design process:

“When we first began to design this software with Too Technology, we were unsure whether our clients would embrace such a new and unique technology. We knew from being an ‘insider’ in the training arena that his would transform the way people learned.”

What does it all mean? Let’s take it from the top;

Interactive: allowing or involving the exchange of information or instructions between a person and a machine such as a computer or a television.  Their IT training software is interactive, allowing you to engage with the material, thus enhancing your learning and retention.


Adaptive: able to adjust to a new environment or different conditions. The software actually adapts and adjusts to meet your particular strengths and weaknesses. As you progress, the software determines what you have learned and continues to adapt to meet your needs helping you learn and master the certification objectives in less time than traditional study methods.


More importantly, how does it all work?

The first step is in Diagnostics, where the software will learn what you do not know about the specific objectives outlined by the vendors - CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, PMI, etc. - and then show you exactly how well you are grasping the material in each category. 

Gary Michaels, PMP, has this to say about the adaptive software:

"Your pretest diagnostic exams were a slap in the face the first time that I used them. I thought that I knew this stuff from A-Z. Figuring out my base knowledge before I got started really helped me get straight to the point. This program is an eye opener for us guys who think we know it all!"


 Adaptive Study Sessions will strengthen your weakest subject areas by generating as many as four hundred questions per topic until you can answer each one correctly. Their study program is definitely not for the faint of heart! There are thorough explanations for each topic to assist you in developing a more complete understanding of the topic. By focusing on your weaker areas, you can turn them into your strengths.

Your knowledge is further tested and solidified with simulated exams, which generate randomized questions about core topics in sixty to ninety minute sessions and then provide a score summary by topic. The randomly generated questions allow you to learn the material, not just patterns. Taking multiple simulated exams will build your confidence and ability to concentrate during the real certification exam when you take it. During the simulations, if your answer is incorrect you have the choice of getting an in-depth explanation, trying again, or moving on to the next question. You truly have full control of your learning.

Overall, it is a remarkable system that makes it difficult to return to traditional study methods. Being able to focus more on the material that you are not as comfortable or confident with ensures you are using your time and energy effectively. It truly feels as if the program is working with you towards your own success, and with it there is no excuse not to achieve just that.

About TechnologyCerts

For over a decade, TechnologyCerts has been providing quality, affordable, and comprehensive educational products for individual and corporate clients the world over. With the busy professional in mind, the material is designed to be flexible, affordable and accessible. TechnologyCerts offers the highest high quality IT training materials that are invaluable for IT professionals while not straining their budget.

 About Too Technology

Too Technology develops and supplies content delivery software solutions that encompass all facets of the adaptive learning process. Since inception, Too Technology has successfully been involved in content delivery relative to the challenges of deploying computer/web-based testing solutions, specifically adaptive testing software. Our mission is to provide Learning Management Systems that are highly scalable, easy to use and affordable. Too Technology’s adaptive software enable our client’s to efficiently and affordably deliver their training content to their own clients or staff.  We offer a LMS solution that is customized and developed per your specifications and requirements and within your committed budget and timelines.


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