Let the imagination and creative juices run wild

24-Apr-2011 | News-Press Release

Within everyone there is a creative urge waiting to be expressed. With a wide range of truly imaginative events from painting, to fashion, to film, Catalyst provides the expertise and tools to get the creative juices flowing. The end result, be it a large format work of art or an award winning piece of film, will delight and amaze everyone and provide a strong visual reminder of your conference's key messages.

Let an over-the-top TV commercial give your products or service (or even your opposition) a brand new look. Commercial Break is your opportunity to mix in the fascinating world of TV advertising. 'Your Studio' will contain all the equipment you will need, but the challenge is your team's creativity in devising and producing on film a short, a sharp and powerful message on film. The brief can vary from producing TV commercials for your own products or services, to poking a bit of fun at your competitor's products, or delivering punchy messages in the form of an in-house sales training or general promotional film.  

A true classic event, where time and time again we are amazed at the creativity of our clients.

Raise the flag, sing the National Anthem and create your country's costume before the next revolution! A distinctive message, culture and identity are vital to any business. This not only provides a unique brand for the company but also acts to bring its people together with a shared spirit and identity.

The same goes for nations. Brand National is a creative and fun teambuilding exercise that explores the issues of brand and identity by challenging delegates to create a national brand identity from scratch.

The event ends with a high-energy Eurovision-style show where each nation launches its new identity in a choreographed extravaganza with flags, song, dance and national costume. Without doubt a great way to explore the importance of a brand and how its influence extends far beyond the company logo to the behaviour of each and every member of the organisation.

Dazzle the fashion press with a stunning corporate collection, as your teams strut their stuff on the catwalk. Let the imagination and creative juices run wild, release hidden design skills as you create catwalk sensations that will knock 'em dead. Teams will be given budgets, blank paper, bolts of cloth, safety pins, scissors, plus all the other items that it takes to create a catwalk sensation - you just provide the open minds. This heady mixture of fashion and design will lead to a memorable catwalk frenzy in front of the rest of the company.

Screen Test presents an extremely flexible format that allows teams to explore company issues in a fun context. Each team begins with a DVD player and short movie clip.

Most importantly, the original dialogue has been removed from the footage. Given a specific company related topic, the teams are challenged to script and rehearse logical dialogue that follows the action. Strong leadership is required to complete the challenge to deadline.

Role allocation, communication and bold decision making are critical to the success of the event. The event culminates with a live presentation where each team takes their turn in an 'on air' booth.

Fifteen Famous Minutes will see teams juggle with egos and control airtime while lighting up the silver screen with their own Hollywood classic. Challenge your teams to produce their own versions of some of Hollywood's all time classic movies and create an evening of hilarious entertainment in the process. Each team's studio is furnished with a spectacular arsenal of equipment designed to help them achieve a result of which they will be justly proud. Planning, scripting and rehearsing soon give way to on-location shooting as the creative juices really start to flow. In as little as three hours you could have your movie 'in the can' and be sipping cocktails with your colleagues, eagerly awaiting the star studded evening of movie premieres, culminating in the tears and laughter of the hilarious Awards Ceremony. So lights ... camera ...action!


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