Kids sail the pirate seas with BulkyPix and Deskplorers: The PIrates

22-Apr-2011 | News-Press Release

The Deskplorers Episode 2 "Pirates" NOW Available on the iPhone and iPad 

This time, it's all about the Pirates

It was only a month ago that Deskplorers began their adventure and their trek through time by traveling to the time of Knights. This time they the meet the Pirates.

*** Episode TWO: Pirates

Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot continue to follow the "not so nice ones" in the history book. This time they landed in the era of the Pirates. Scores of ships have been attacked... Is there a new pirate in the Caribbean? Our Deskplorers will need to think and learn how to navigate these new waters in order to catch Bratty and her crew.

Discover 6 new chapters, made up of more than 200 pictures and 6 animated videos.

Trailer :

iPhone ($1.99) :

iPad ($3.99) :

Deskplorers is an original, highly entertaining and immersive, game for children age 6+ filled with fresh with fun animation and interactive features that will keep them engaged for hours. In Deskplorers you meet a series of characters that transport the children across time and space on a variety of adventures though books and mini games. The Deskplorers help your kids read and understand the meaning of sentences. The game promotes creative thinking and teaches problem solving skills (understanding the dialogs, object descriptions, Tom's feedback...) You can also reinforce the education of a foreign language by switching the chapter's dialog between available languages (available now: French, coming soon: German, Italian and Spanish), not to mention you also introduce the children to learning about history.

The gameplay is straightforward: the player reads the story, and looks for the objects that the characters are seeking to help them on their way. There are six chapters to each story. To unlock a chapter you must find the right objects scattered throughout the Catalog. To acquire the objects, kids play terrific minigames, earn points, and get the needed items.

New features

-   Up to 3 profiles are saved.

-    A dictionary useful to learn more about each episode's context.

-   An album to replay all the videos included in the episode.

-   A clue system to help you solve the puzzles.

-   A parents corner: manage profiles, advice from us, publish on Facebook, send us an email...

Already Available:

*** Episode ONE: Knights

Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot followed Bratty, Moody and Brutus into the history book! They have all landed in the time of Knights where the king is organizing the annual tournament... It's a perfect background for their first exciting adventure.

iPhone ($1.99) :

iPad ($3.99) :

*** Chapter ZERO: The Beginning!

Tom is the inventor of an incredible machine: the Magic Compass which transports him and his friends into pictures and books on the desk. But Bratty, leader of the "not very nice ones", steals the device... This is the starting point of an ever expanding range of adventures, organized as seasons and episodes, for players to explore.

iPhone (free) :

iPad (free) :


About Bulkypix - www.bulkypix.xom

BulkyPix, an award-winning publisher and developer of games and applications for mobile devices. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. BulkyPix's ambition is to create and publish innovative games, such as MyBrute, Babel Rising, Twin Blades, Hysteria Project, Pix'N'Love Rush, Saving Private Sheep and others. With its BtoB brand BulkyApps, the studio also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising). 


About Happy Blue Fish -

Happy Blue Fish Studio is a video game software designer, producer and publisher, dedicated to the general public, not the "core" gamers. Our focus is on kids, families and seniors, the "Blue Ocean" of the video game industry.

Our editorial strategy: "Help people grow"

Our games are designed not only to entertain, but also to add a positive influence on people's life, from kids to elderly: learn something, feel better at home, at work, in your life, with your friends, understand the world... We follow this editorial strategy for both the "Lifestyle Gaming" line-up and the "Kids Gaming" line-up. Our added-value is a complete focus on the "non-gamer" needs while keeping "casual gamers" interested: perfect ease-of-use, simple but addictive gameplays, gentle but motivating progression, creative stories, simple but stylish media with a strong personality.


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