Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Roots of War

04-May-2011 | News-Press Release


It's the story that galvanized people and nations to rally to the cause of freedom from slavery – making it a cause worth fighting and dying for. President Lincoln is said to have called it "the book that started the great war," and within its checkered history lie roots of American race relations not only in the 19th century, but on through the 20th and into the 21st.

Selling 300,000 copies in 1852 alone, it went on to be translated into 36 languages and sell in the millions, outselling every book in the 19th century but the Bible. The numerous stage versions were ultimately seen by even more people than ever read the book.

Yet today, the novel's length, melodramatic style and racial language make it tough going for all but the most committed of readers, and difficult to accommodate within contemporary curricula. But for all of the book's challenges, students respond beautifully to the 1852 Aiken play version on our DVD.

The only Uncle Tom's Cabin DVD made by teachers for teachers and students.
At only $19.89 -- it's an easy acquisition for any classroom, library or collection.

The DVD contains:

· A modern staging of George Aiken’s 1852 play version, the one most true to Stowe’s novel, adapted and condensed to run 50 minutes for use in a single-class setting.
· The rarely seen 1903 Edison film, for a comparative view of how the play devolved over the many decades of its huge post-war popularity.
· An on-disc, 138 page, illustrated PDF source book suitable for teachers and advanced students,with over 20 articles from the 1850s through 2006, including: plantation diaries, other Stowe writings, 19th century reviews and modern scholarly commentaries, pro and con, by such luminaries as Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, Susan Belasco and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Stowe scholars have praised this production as “intelligently designed and extremely well-acted,” “a gem of American and African American history [and] a must see for students, scholars, and serious lovers of history” and “a powerful visual and auditory experience which reveals the ongoing appeal of a story that helped cause the United States Civil War.”

Watch video previews, download a free article from our source book and learn more at www.uncletomscabindvd.com. Or buy now for only $19.89, direct from Amazon.com.


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