Vitec Global IntroducesMax Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™

16-Jun-2011 | News-Press Release

Portsmouth, UK: Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ Introduces Carpet Protection That Cannot Be Destroyed by Repeated Washing and Cleaning.


Vitec Global has introduced Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™, a carpet protection system that resists repeated cleaning and washing,to go on and on providing its unique protection for carpets and other fabrics for at least a year.


“We are very proud of this feature of Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™,” said Chris Lomas, managing director of Vitec Global. “It’s important that any kind of carpet protection can withstand the usual rigors of cleaning and washing. If it can’t do that, it can’t be providing much protection, after all.”


Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ is applied as a carpet protection and carpet cleaning solution to carpet surfaces by means of a pressure sprayer. The liquid technology soon dries out to leave a safe and invisible barrier that resists stains, repels water and kills bacteria.

In addition to all this, the company claims that carpets treated with Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ can be washed and cleaned over and over again without losing their carpet protection qualities. This is what makes the product so useful and sets it apart from the competition.


“There are many carpet cleaning products on the market. With Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ you can do what you like and know for certain that it will protect your carpets regardless of what you do, short of setting fire to the whole thing!” says Lomas.


Vitec Global, who manufactures Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™, claims that the antimicrobial product has longevity unmatched by other products. Under normal conditions the company claims it only requires one application per year to provide the maximum carpet protection required. And they also claim its record of durability and effectiveness is second to none in the industry too.


Vitec Global’s product is an antimicrobial agent. It works by creating a virtual "bed of nails" that is attached to the carpet surface, so that when microbes try to attach to the fabric, they are pierced by the upright "nails" and killed outright. When the liquid is sprayed on to the carpet surface under pressure, the millions of tiny “nails” quickly attach themselves to the carpet surface as it dries out, aligning themselves in an upright position to forma virtual “bed of nails”. Bacteria trying to attach to the carpet are killed off when the “nails” pierce them.


For more information on the environmentally friendly carpet cleaning chemicals of Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™, visit


About the Company:


Vitec Global Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of advanced and environmental friendly antimicrobial products worldwide. They also offer Max Germ Guard™ Fibre Shield™ which is a revolutionary new antimicrobial product protection solution that inhibits the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, mold and mildew. This carpet and upholstery cleaning product, permanently bonds molecularly to its surface to form a new antimicrobial surface which is durable, resistant and ready to destroy harmful bacteria.


Contact Information:

Chris Lomas

Managing Director

Vitec Global

Unit E11 Voyager Park

Portfield Road


P03 5FL, UK

Tel: +44 (0)2392 666 053



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