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03-Jul-2011 | News-Press Release

The trip to Kenya will provide the ideal opportunity for all one hundred and twenty participants to demonstrate their spirit of generosity and hard work in a place where it is so genuinely needed and appreciated. Titan Alarm was not content to simply contribute financially to important global causes. Instead, the one hundred and twenty participants insisted upon going above and beyond by both donating significant earnings from their sales but also giving their time and energies by traveling the globe and working on important projects within the local communities in rather primitive conditions. This level of devotion and sacrifice is a source of inspiration not only to the people they are helping, but even more to the participants themselves. For most of the participants, this experience will be a welcome return to the uniquely rewarding work that can only come from making a difference in the lives of those in genuine need.

 The trip is being organized by Elisa Taylor who has over nine years of experience in coordinating trips with a charitable purpose. Elisa has a unique vision and commitment to insure that the vision of Titan to see that its donations reach its intended recipients is realized. Elisa has worked with Graham Wood, Titan’s founder on similar projects and they share the same aspiration for this Kenya venture. Elisa has been and continues to work tirelessly on exploring opportunities for the Kenya trip.

The Kenya trip will begin on November 7, 2011 and will conclude on November 21, 2011. The first three days will be spent in Amsterdam where Elisa has arranged some exciting sightseeing opportunities including a canal boat tour, a visit to the Van Gough museum, and a tour around the city of Amsterdam. On November 10, 2011, everyone will fly to Nairobi and will spend two nights in the main area to become immersed in the Kenyan culture. Elisa has arranged for several activities in Nairobi including a tour of the city, time in the national park within the city with an opportunity to see many of what are referred to as the big five animals such as elephants, lions, etc.

On Saturday, November 12, 2011, Titan will have the distinct honor of seeing the first tangible results of its magnanimous donations when it visits the elephant sanctuary where ten elephants that have been saved and sponsored due to the generous donations of the Titan Alarm family are thriving. These donations will provide meals, medical care, assistance, caretaker fees, etc. for an entire year. These elephants are in need of care for various reasons including having been injured, having been separated from their mothers, etc. Each elephant will take on the name of the ten sales teams. These fortunate elephants are only the first of many recipients of the Titan Alarm generosity. There will be opportunities to take photographs with these precious elephants and their proud sponsors.

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, everyone will be travelling to the community approximately five hours outside of the city of Nairobi in Amboseli where they will begin the most challenging work for the trip. At this time, Elisa is investigating several different projects for the Titan Alarm participants to work on. However, it has been narrowed down to several vitally important and essential projects. One project would involve assisting in both the purchasing and installation of twenty-four three thousand gallon plastic water tanks for family homes in this area. This would accomplish an integral service for these families as it would enable them to have a vital function which they currently are lacking. A second possible project would involve the building of homes for families similar to the project which took place in Honduras. A third possible project would involve coordinating with the local communities to build schools. Regardless of which project is ultimately selected, all one hundred and twenty participants will work diligently on the project from November 14, 2011 till Saturday, November 19, 2011. The project will involve an enormous commitment of intensive hard but rewarding work. After each day of work, everyone will return to a lovely hotel in the Nairobi area to be arranged by Elisa.

Titan Alarm derives an incredible sense of pride in promoting this trip to Kenya. We thank Elisa Taylor for her hard work and dedication in helping Titan to achieve its mission. Titan looks forward to the many lessons and enlightenment it will gain from this adventure.


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