Sqwishland reinvents online gaming for kids

31-Aug-2010 | News-Press Release

Sqwishland.com® reinvents online gaming for kids

Sqwishland.com, a patented world first that links vending machine technology to the web through a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) is one of the fastest growing online games today, selling more than 29 million units since its US launch in April 2010. 

Conveniently available at vending machines across the US at 25¢ and 50¢ each, Sqwishland successfully created a natural link between the toys and the game that interact with the kids.  “The hunt for the various Sqwishland® characters has an extra dimension,” said Dax Logue, co-founder of the game and owner of Brand Vending, America’s leading bulk vending supplier.  Every shipment of Sqwishland® capsules are a series of Limited Edition Rare, Super Rare, Crazy Rare and Unbelievably Rare characters along with the bad guys in Sqwishland®, the Sqwabbles®. He emphasized that Sqwishland® is empowering for kids because of the hundreds of variations and there is a real sense of victory when a rare one is captured.

Today, Sqwishlanders are estimated at more than 10,000 and is expected to steadily grow in the coming weeks, especially with its very affordable membership schemes starting at $ 5.00 – after the 30-day free premium membership.

With its growing success – in terms of toy revenue and online players – FunGuy Studio® and Brand Vending are optimistic that Sqwishland® can only get bigger and better.  "We are constantly improving and upgrading Sqwsihland's game features to keep kids engaged and give them more to do online," shares Graeme Warring, CEO of FunGuy Studio and co-owner of Sqwishland.

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