Satellite Phones Could Save Your Life

10-Oct-2011 | News-Press Release

Firstly, we need to understand exactly what a satellite phone is. Many of us have heard the term but do not understand the importance. I think the easiest way for me to explain it is by giving you an example. Most Ships use satellite phones for communication and emergencies. This is because satellite phones use a satellite system that works with communication satellites orbiting the earth. This is different to cell phones that use signal repeater stations and landline phones that use copper wires or fibre optics. Another name for this type of phone is a satphone.


The earlier satellite phones were bigger than the models available today. As satellite communications and technology have improved so have the phones, making them lighter, more compact and more powerful. These phones are excellent for remote areas like mountains, forests or the rural countryside where it is impossible to install traditional telephone systems. We all hate it when we go somewhere and are instantly cut off from the rest of the world because our cell phone signal dies. If you have a satellite phone you will always have a connection because there are approximately 3000 communication satellites orbiting the Earth.


There are three countries in the world that do not permit satellite phones to enter their borders. Unsurprisingly, the first is North Korea because nothing passes through its borders. The second is war torn Burma and the third is India. India is a bit different, they will allow satellite phones in but you need to acquire proper permission. The main reason for this is because satphones can bypass local telecoms systems, hindering censorship and wiretapping attempts.


These phones are not exactly what I would call affordable, the cheapest will set you back R4500. Making calls from a satellite phone to a landline or mobile phone is expensive but you can purchase prepaid vouchers for your satphone to manage the cost better. Calling from one satellite phone to another is significantly cheaper especially when it is the same type of satellite phone. In Australia government gives people in some remote areas subsidies to purchase satphones. Living in such remote areas makes owning a satphone a necessity, one which could save your life.    

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