BulkyPix Tiny Token Empires conquers iOS in October

17-Oct-2011 | News-Press Release

Leading mobile games publisher, BulkyPix today announced that after a successful launch of Tiny Token Empires on Mac, the publisher is now bringing the game to iOS. Tiny Token Empires is an amazing mix-it's a puzzle game, Match 3 game and turn-based world domination strategy game. In the game world's leading civilizations - the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and Carthage - decided that the only way to settle their differences is by playing a board game. So all five of the empires' leaders have come together on neutral territory to battle it out round a table of Tiny Tokens.




On a 3D map dividing the Mediterranean Basin into 75 territories, each nation starts the match with one single territory that includes its capital. Each territory provides stable revenue, and each city is able to train units of infantrymen, archers, boats, priests, and the like. The point of the game is to mobilize maximum troop power to invade the maximum amount of territory, obtain maximum revenue, and so on, until the whole map is under total control (Free campaign mode).


In addition to the battle units, the player has a powerful hero and can recruit several generals to lead its armies. These characters can carry artifacts with mythical and destructive powers!


Tiny Token Empires™ is a turn-based game. At the beginning of each turn, the player collects the revenue linked to his territories and pays to maintain his armies. He can then improve his cities, move his troops, and attack his enemies! After he does all this, he clicks on the button "end of match", which triggers his opponents' turns. When a battle starts between two armies, the game goes into Puzzle Mode in order to bring the confrontation to an end. A puzzle is presented in the form of a grid of 9x9 boxes. By 3d matching various tokens the computer calculates the players positioning in the game, advancements, losses to troops and the like.


Game modes


Tiny Token Empires™ includes four independent game modes: A Tutorial Mode that introduces you to the game, playing the roman nation. In the last match of this campaign, the player will confront 4 AI opponents on the whole map.


Four Campaigns, one for each other nation, where the player will have special goals: Africa conquest, Keep Carthage for 25 turns, etc. The stories of these campaigns use dialogues between heroes and cinematic.


A special Free campaign mode also allows players the possibility to challenge one or more AI opponents in matches with variable goals and parameters. In this mode, the player(s) can modify several settings: AI difficulty, initial fortune, etc.


Lastly, In Practice mode, a single player can give battle without having to manage the strategic aspect of conquest.


The player can just choose one nation and the level of difficulty, and then confront a standard enemy army of this level in a unique combat puzzle. And this mode will be also playable in Multiplayer (Internet or a local network).



  • A refreshing blend of strategy and puzzle game.
  • A "casual" strategy game offering a unique game experience completely adaptable to all kinds of players.
  • A simple interface and a very progressive tutorial campaign.
  • An offbeat comical universe that mixes antiquity, mythology, and humor!
  • The game is available in French, English and Spanish





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Tiny Token Empires will be available for both iPhone and iPad. iPad version will be available October 18th and the iPhone version will be released soon after. The price of the iPhone version will be $.99 with additional campaigns available as in-app purchases for $.99 each, and the iPad version will be $8.99 but with all campaigns unlocked and available for immediate play.


For more info, please visit www.bulkypix.com 

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