Different States Seem To Be Weighing The Punishments For DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

18-Nov-2011 | News-Press Release

Tucson, AZ (prsafe ) November 08, 2011 - Being charged and convicted of DUI can have far reaching consequences than an accused driver might be prepared for. Aside from the usual suspension, fines, and even imprisonment, having a DUI conviction will affect many areas of personal life. This is an overview of the consequences of a DUI conviction.

Suspension of Driver?s License ? suspension, restriction, or revocation of driver?s license is one of the more common punishments for DUI convictions. This may occur automatically upon conviction. You may reclaim a driver?s license after the assigned period of time or payment of fine. Unless the court grants a restricted license for cases where suspension and/or revocation would cause ?undue hardship? for the license owner, there is no way to claim back or use a confiscated driver?s license. This results in obvious inconvenience and disruptive change of daily habits. It may affect work, family, business, and personal life.

Fines ? a driver convicted of DUI charges can expect to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars. Depending on his or her financial situation, this can be a minor setback or a major problem. It may be harder for the DUI convicted driver to get a job, or to even maintain a present one with the DUI conviction on his or her record. As a result, he or she might have trouble supporting his or her family, business, studies, travel, or other endeavors that needs good financial status.

Imprisonment ? the costliest, if not the ultimate, price to pay for a DUI conviction. This is a major and significant life experience for most people. Imprisonment means potential family issues, potential job loss, loss or breakdown of self esteem, depressive tendencies, and others. In some cases probation and/or rehabilitation may be granted. DUI convicted drivers may spend anywhere from weeks to years as punishment. Furthermore, in the event of release and freedom, the term served remains in record, potentially reducing the chance of successful job applications, social interactions, etc. in the future. Many have found hiring an attorney is the best route to take when facing DUI charges and jail sentence. Sometimes DUI attorneys in Phoenix Arizona , for example, are successful at keeping clients away from jail time.

Attending DUI or AA meetings ? this may be favorable or not for the DUI convicted driver. He or she may need the treatment and therapy, or, because the facility is not suitable to the DUI convicted driver, the treatment might backfire. The DUI convicted driver will be forced to accept the court?s decision and choice of facility as well as frequency of attendance. There are further consequences if the DUI convicted driver fails to keep his or her appointments with the treatment.

Having a DUI lawyer might prevent these punishments, or at the very least mitigate them. A DUI lawyer might also appeal the extent of the punishment if it appears to be unfair and unduly heavy for the defendant. It?s better to have a DUI lawyer than to have none and risk receiving undue and heavy punishments for DUI convictions. While states may continue weighing the benefits and drawbacks of such severe consequences, there seems to be little change in the immediate future.

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