Generic Drug Usages Hikes by 35 Percent

15-Dec-2011 | News-Press Release

A recent study by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in USA has revealed that the use of generic drugs has increased by 35% during the period 2004 - 2010. This increase has helped the US health care system stay afloat during these trying economic times, saving billions of dollars from the state funded health care plans. With Obama government having implemented a number of health benefit slashes, the generics are certainly the hero of the day in ensuring the medical needs of the people are met with even the slashed down health benefits.

When a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug and receives patent rights, they have a brand name drug that will be introduced to the market. Once the patent period expires, other companies will reverse engineer the product and introduce their own versions of generic drug. This is why generic drugs are up to 60% less in price than the branded drugs in the market, because cost of R&D is not built in to generics. Therefore, the consumers make great savings when they buy generic drugs instead of brand name drugs. In most countries, use of generic drugs is encouraged to cut down the health bills. This helps the governments, insurance companies, employers and patients to save billions of dollars. In USA pharmacists can dispense equivalent generic drugs even if the medical professionals have prescribed brand name drugs. With the awareness of the generic drug usage increasing, the market share of generics has risen substantially over the past couple of years. But, according to a spokes person of a top line Canada pharmacy, some people still have misconceptions about generics.

Most of common drugs used widely for ailments like hypertension, diabetes, and infection control have generic versions as they have been invented more than two decades back. The new therapies and drugs invented recently are protected by patents, normally for twenty years, allowing the inventors to earn their costs on research, clinical trials, advertising, promotion, and licensing. Manufacturers of generic drugs can manufacture the drug only after the protection period is over. “Although cheaper in prices, these generic drugs are not inferior to the brand name drugs in any way. The generics also face a set of very strict criteria for quality in the approval process of FDA, Health Canada or any other approving body around the world” assured the Senior QA Manager of Big Mountain Drugs, a top ranking Canadian pharmacy.  

The spokes person further elaborated, explaining how people can save money on their expenses on medicines. “More than 25% of Americans do not have any medical insurance or are underinsured. They have to pay out of their pockets, for purchasing their requirements for medicines. When they cannot afford to buy expensive drugs they do not take medications or find alternatives like over-the-counter drugs and home remedies. It is not necessary to pay high prices for medicines if they know how to buy medicines cheaper.” The spokesperson identified five methods for saving on drugs.

  • Buying from an online Canadian pharmacy like
  • Buying generic drugs if generic versions are available.
  • Ordering three months supply when ordering drugs that are used for a long time.
  • Using reward and coupon schemes such as the unique 5% reward benefit program available for Big Mountains Drugs clients.
  • Using discount coupons available at, the largest pharmacy coupon source in the world.

He stressed that customers have to beware of fraudulent, rogue pharmacies on the internet. “There are many rogue pharmacies that sell counterfeit, substituted, and low quality drugs to unsuspecting customers. When buying online, customers have to verify the websites and satisfy about the legitimacy of the website they are dealing with. Rogue pharmacies normally do not give any street address or a contact telephone number. They do not have a wide range of drugs. Their focus is limited to a number of controlled substances.

Big Mountain Drugs is a legitimate, regular licensed pharmacy in Canada, operating regular brick and mortar pharmacies and an online pharmacy. It has been licensed by College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the regulating authority for pharmacies in British Columbia.” BMD is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and has been verified by as well.


Big Mountain Drugs.Com, is one of the top Canadian Pharmacies. Purchase various Canada drugs to treat any ailment or diseases, via BMD online pharmacy, saving money and travel time to pharmacies. Medications as Actonel 35mg and other drugs are available at deeply discounted prices and will be served by licensed pharmacists. BMD is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia, Canada. 


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