Breathing life to an Ancient Indigenous Culture

05-Jan-2012 | News-Press Release

Sydney, NSW ( prsafe ) January 5, 2012 - The Circassian Diaspora has tried its best to rekindle passions about their lost country through various representations to the UN, EU and Russia. As the UNDRIP is quickly gaining momentum and force around the globe, Circassians have joined the many first nations adopting the UNDRIP. By using it as a standard to resurrect their endangered ancient indigenous European culture, language and nation, Circassians today have found a credible and peaceful way to achieve their nation’s goals.

Anyone familiar with the history and sad fate of the Circassians would know that resilience is something that is deeply woven into the Circassian national fabric. But today, are the Circassians an almost forgotten people? Facts do seem to answer in the affirmative; as a simple search for the country of Circassia on a contemporary map is unlikely to yield results. This wasn't so until the 1860's when the Russians finally overcame Circassia and forced millions of Indigenous Adyghe peoples to seek shelter outside of their country. It is these people who make up the largest Diaspora in the world in percentage terms. They have settled in various countries across the world, including Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Germany, Netherlands, US and Australia amongst others.

The displaced population tried its best to stay close to its roots and culture, but as time passed they began to lose their momentum and gradually succumb to pressures of assimilation. The number of people in the newest generation of the Diaspora who can speak their native tongue has shrunk at a critical rate. To ensure that their voice isn't lost in the pages of history, Circassians all over the world have tried to hold on to their ancestor's memories of the homeland and its tragic story, keeping it alive for future generations. But today, the struggle is not only about the restoration of their Nation, it is also about finding a peaceful way to get the Russian Federation to support Indigenous Circassians in their efforts. Among the most pressing issues is the formation of a plan to allow exiled Indigenous Circassian peoples living in the Diaspora today to return to their Indigenous homeland and giving them permission to maintain dual citizenship and unrestricted access to their Indigenous homeland. Everyone including politicos in the Russian Federation seems to agree with these facts in principle, but unfortunately currently, this reality is not reflected in the policies of the Russian Federation.

Most recently another momentous landmark in the epic history of the Indigenous Circassian peoples was reached with The Declaration of Self-determination and Nationhood of the Autonomous Autochthonous Indigenous Circassian Peoples: A Nation In Exile. The declaration endorses the UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) that mandates indigenous peoples to freely pursue self-determination and their cultural interests within the parameters of international law and in accordance with the solemn proclamation of the UN the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a standard of achievement to be pursued in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.. The Circassian declaration was presented to the EU Parliament in Brussels on November 7th 2011.

While Circassians acknowledge that the goal is difficult to achieve, it is under no certain terms impossible. About is the official portal of the Indigenous Circassian Adyghe Nation in Exile. To know more, visit,


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