The Importance of Improving Your short term Memory

13-Jan-2012 | News-Press Release

Seattle, WA ( prsafe ) January 10, 2012 - Your short term memory is more important than you might think. According to Science Daily, our short term memories play an integral part in how we experience consciousness. At any given time, a human being can process five to nine different pieces of information simultaneously. During the processing of these bits of information, they remain imprinted in the short term memory.

The strength of your short term memory is based on its gamma and theta processes. In a recent study performed by the Nencki Experimental Biology Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, scientists were able to conclusively determine the connection between these two types of processes and their effects on short term memory. The study concluded that the longer the theta waves lasted, the more information subjects were able to retain in their short term memory (a sequence of 3-9 numbers was flashed on a screen for one second, and the participants would need to transcribe the numbers from memory). Conversely, with the lengthening of the gamma waves, the less subjects were able to recall numbers accurately, if at all.

The capacity of our short term memories directly affects our abilities to reason. The greater our short term memory capacity, the easier it is for us to use our reasoning facilities. Scientists and doctors alike both know how important it is to keep our short term memories strong and are always looking for new methods of improving short term memory.

Other methods employed to increase short term memory development and retention in the brain are included in Trevor Ponder's The Elements of Memory and include exercises in rote memorization and ritual building. A key ingredient to maintaining a superior short term memory is to associate words, faces, numbers, and other "bites" of information with something else to improve your ability to recall. Having a good short term memory will allow you to remember dates, facts, figures, and other necessary items.

Having a good short term memory in turn directly affects your long-term memory. Using the techniques employed in The Elements of Memory to improve your short term memory will also help you to retain information long-term as well. The higher your short term memory capacity, the easier it will be for you to use your higher faculties of reasoning and the more likely the information stored in your short term memory will transition into your long-term memory. This is especially helpful when it comes to remembering names and phone numbers.

Please visit for more tips and tricks to develop and enhance your short term memory.

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