As Second Financial Crisis Looms Savvy Businesses Head Online To Expand

25-Jan-2012 | News-Press Release

SEO Perth – Oracle Digital have today released their new on page SEO product, and it is aimed to help those businesses with an online portal whom need assistance in increasing their search results in Google.

On page SEO (search engine optimisation) is the science of arranging various components on a web page and makes it possible for a search engine to easily work out exactly what the web page is about. In theory the more relevant the web page is to a particular keyword or topic, the better it will be ranked in the search engines.

Oracle Digital’s Head of Business development James Corby says, “On page SEO is a critical factor of how a website will be ranked on Google. If the site architecture and source code is not designed in certain ways then it is like trying to drive with your hand brake on while going up a hill.”

On page SEO on the surface is generally talking about such factors as heading tags, meta data, anchored keyword text and keyword density to name just a few. It also can lead off into the actual architectural code of the site itself, and this is seeing a huge movement towards the Wordpress platform, which is acknowledged as a superior on page SEO contender.

SEO is generally divided into two main components, on page and off page. As it suggests, on page SEO is what you can do on the actual web page itself, while off page SEO is what you can achieve away from the website that will further boost your organic search results in Google.

Corby states, “Let’s use the analogy of a kite. Think of on page SEO as the kite, and off page SEO as the wind that lifts it off the ground. You must ensure you have both the kite and a strong wind in order to get spectacular results.” The Perth SEO Company have been offering off page SEO product for over two years now, to great success within the business community.

The new SEO product release comes at a time when more and more businesses are turning to the Internet in order add an extra layer to their marketing endeavours. Never has there been such a time where businesses have finally accepted that if they do not get online then they may be left far behind by their competition.

Corby continues, “We see many local businesses who have been trying what used to work several years ago, such as Yellow Pages ads and radio campaigns, come to us totally frustrated that this type of marketing no longer works. When we go to work on their campaigns and see the businesses turn around there is no better feeling for us.”

Indeed Yellow Pages and a lot of print media advertising is declining at a rapid rate, as the population heads online to find what they want.

Oracle Digital are an SEO Company in Perth and offer a range of professional products and packages designed to assist businesses getting found on Google. To find out further information then please call them on 1300 899 851.

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