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Dear Readers


 First of all you have to understand there is no medicine in the world to completely cure diabetes in English system of treatment or any system of treatment.




With our treatment, you have to take medications for a period of time and can stop the medications and can be comfort without any medications for your future and can lead a healthy happy life with proper exercises and diet. Medications are processed according to individual’s age, body constitution, health complications and of many health factors of the patients.


Proper exercises and diet or not only for diabetics, but it is a must for all human to lead a healthy disease free life.


With our Diafree treatment the beta cells of the pancreas will get increased to secrete insulin to manage your blood glucose normal.


Consuming English medications leads to various health problems in future and its side effects are proved world wide.


So the specialty of our treatment is to prevent from various other health problems and to manage your blood glucose without any medications after your treatment. This we say as permanent relief. Your co-operation is must by taking proper diet, exercises yoga, meditation and to manage stress to lead your healthy life.


Many peoples are not aware about diabetes and they think it can be cured. Any disorder if it is not managed properly with change of life style and diet and exercises there are chances of re-occurrence of that disease. For example, heart disease, cholesterol, arthritis, asthma and many other chronic diseases. There is no cure for these diseases in English system of medicines. Surgery should be neglected and we should prevent ourselves from surgery by change of life style, diet and with exercises and yoga.


If diabetes is not managed properly this will leads to various health problems and we have to suffer a lot in future that are proved.


In allopathic medications they start with pills and ends in insulin dosage. But here with our unique treatment we bring down the insulin dosage gradually and stop it and can live comfort with few pills and can lead a healthy happy life without any side effects.


In these modern days our food habits, pollution, mechanical life style, mental stress and chemical invasion in all that we use are the major factors for diabetes and for many diseases.


Sedentary life style and mental stress are also the major cause for getting diabetes in early ages.


We do suggest many young peoples in early stage of diabetes to manage their diabetes with their proper diet, exercises, yoga, meditation and their proper life style. Never need to take medicines if these things are followed properly.


Proper diet:


Consuming one liter of water in the morning in empty stomach and as much as water for the whole day.


Taking food according to our physical activities and our physique.


Avoiding junk food and oily food. Avoiding meat and chicken. Tasting once in a while in limited quantity will never give any health problems.


Fish can be taken in gravy form.


All vegetables and greens which are growing above the soil to be consumed.


Fruits like apple, Mosambi, orange, guava, grapes can be consumed in little quantity.


Fill your stomach with vegetables and greens and grains in much quantity and rice or wheat based food in lesser quantity.


Avoid sugar (alternate sugar like sugar free) can be added for taste occasionally.


Avoid carbonated drinks and sweets.


Diet and timings:


Normally many peoples in India and worldwide, take a very light food in the morning and afternoon some medium food and in night time they use to take a heavy diet.


This is not the proper method to eat for a healthy life. In the morning as we are starting the day we need to take a good healthy diet with vegetables, greens and all that we need.


For lunch the diet should be a medium food.


For dinner, as we are going to sleep, a light diet is enough for sleep. For dinner never take heavy food. Also don’t take curd or greens in dinner. Take fibrous and light food for dinner.


When you get up in the morning , kindly take one litre of water in the morning. This will cleanse and detox your total system.


You have to understand sugar that we use regularly is giving major trouble in all human’s health worldwide. The sugar which we use is very harm for all humans in the world. But many of us are not aware of it.


Demonstration for sugar:

1.) Position.

Just stand strait towards east and raise you right hand up to your shoulder straight to south. Ask a person to pull down your arm by placing his palm above your wrist. You try not to bring down your hands and oppose to bring up.  Here you will have energy to oppose not to go down your hands.


2.) Position.

Just take a spoon of sugar and have it in your left palm and close it tightly and keep it for 5 minutes and be relaxed in a chair. Do stand after 5 minutes and start doing the same thing as per the 1st position and ask the same person to do the same. You can feel the energy difference that you won’t have energy to oppose. Your hand will be pulled down like a rubber.


Just try this and let you finalize how much bad is sugar if we consume it.


In olden days we use sugarcane and palm products for sweetness in different form for taste. But nowadays everything is processed with chemicals which are very dangerous if we consume regularly and that causes various diseases.


Exercises: Every human need to do exercises to lead a healthy life to make our body fit and flexible. We do exercises in schools and we forget to continue when we come out. if you have continued your proper exercises and a good life style you could have prevent yourselves from diabetes up to the age of 70’s even though if you have mental stress in young ages.


A fast brisk walking for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and evening are must for everybody.


You have to advice your children to take preventive measures by doing exercises and proper diet system and good life style. So that they can lead a healthy happy life and can totally prevent themselves from diabetes. Yes it’s a real truth and we have advised for many and they are successful and healthy now.


Giving Treatment is not a big thing, the patient who gets treatment should be aware of that disease and should know everything and they should not stick with medicines or with doctors for their healthy living.


The first doctor for a human is himself. The second doctor is the person who prepares his diet. If any one or both failed to maintain properly then a third person (doctor) have to enter into his life.


So any disease or disorders are caused, because of not aware about our health and not following our proper life style and safety measures.


Also nowadays for any disease if you consume medications for long period that will cause many other diseases and health problems which will be a total confusion in our health and life. So try to avoid medications and be healthy and happy.


I always feel happy to give awareness and advices to my patients. If they follow and keep their healthy life I use to be the happiest man in the world.


I use to spare much time for my patient’s queries and for awareness because the people who have much queries are the peoples who are clever and wise want to learn much. I trust if they got the answers for their queries they will definitely guide many peoples and they will make aware their friends and relatives.


Note: Kindly don’t ask for testimonials or for patient’s reference. It’s our strict policy and ayurveda principle that a physician should not expose their patients to others.


I need to make aware about disease for the world public and to prevent themselves, than to give them treatment. Because if they are prevented its happy, if they are not prevented and get disease then they have to suffer. Experience the suffering in health is the hardest thing in the world. So prevention is better than cure. Health is wealth. Everything is possible.


If you have any other queries, kindly let me know.


My hearty wishes and prayers for you and your family a good health and for all success in your life.


I assure my utmost care and our best services at all times.


Thanking you

Sincerely yours



Diafree Treatment Centre





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