Current Surge in Australian Retail Sales is Set to Increase E-commerce

29-Mar-2012 | News-Press Release

Oracle Digital, recognised as the leading Internet Marketing Company in Western Australia, has announced its latest development efforts to strengthen their SEO services by providing more efficient online tools and techniques to help local businesses maximise the boundless potential that the internet has in store.

According to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, during the previous year, online retailing has increased at a significant rate. Judging from this trend, the bank expects that this number will grow even more this year and higher on within the next three to four years. These projections are strengthened by statistics which state that most of the said online sales came from clients and customers who did not have previous experience with buying any product or service through the internet.

In support of these findings, the Australian Stock Exchange has come out with a report stating that listed retail businesses and companies will have to fine-tune their own e-commerce strategies in order to adjust to the growing popularity of online retailing. Otherwise, this may lead to some considerable losses.

Analysts of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, in considering the said factors, have recommended a buying scheme, that is, only one company to “buy”, eight to put on “hold”, and one to “sell” - these numbers coming from 10 listed traditional retailers which are considered to be among the top in the industry.

According to them, these recommendations is attributed to the fact that online retail sales have been going at a faster and stable rate compared to those from brick and mortar retailers. In fact, in 2011, online retail spending has had a 1.3% growth more than those from traditional retailers. Concurrently, another growth increase of 1.1% for online retailing is again expected for this year.

Another projection from the CBA with regards to online spending states that it is expecting an increase of 5.1% from last year’s online sales and by the year 2018, an increase of 9.1%. This is in line with statistics that show the rising number of online shopping and consumers that are getting interested therein.

In addition, around 50% of customers are currently engaging in online transactions – and are set to increase by 65% to 75% by the next year and will top off at 85% by the year 2015. Online spending is also seen to increase by 12% this year and will constantly increase until the year 2017 at the least, according to the CBA.

Clint Maher, Director of Operations of Oracle Digital, agrees with this projection and explains why the need to go online is primordial.

Maher says, “Taking advantage of the internet is essential in order to be in line with the current trend and latest technical and marketing advancements. Today, most prospective customers use the internet for their purchase preferences, either in search for the best gift options, restaurants, travel agencies and even spas. This is why businesses should seriously consider utilising it. Besides, with internet marketing, costs are considerably less, and have a bigger potential for obtaining substantial profit for your business.”

Indeed, the Internet is the best platform that a business can use in order to reach a wider market and generate more sales.

Hence, Oracle Digital has decided to release their most excellent and advanced SEO services, social marketing techniques, and efficient internet marketing tools in Perth. They also extend their services in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, to help more businesses succeed in the virtual realm.

Oracle Digital is the leading Digital Marketing Company in Australia. For more information about their services, call them at 1300 899 851 or visit their website at

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