Dinkydana.Com Offers Video Game Collecting Tips

18-May-2012 | News-Press Release

Bethel park, PA ( prsafe ) May 15, 2012 - Video games have become much more than a way for kids to be entertained on a rainy day when they can't play outside. For better or worse, they have become a phenomenon, a culture, a way of life, and a massive industry. Hundreds of different games have been created by different companies, and it looks like the industry is only going to get bigger and more complicated. Various people feel differently about video games. Some believe they are a waste of time. Others claim they couldn't live without them. Some games are said to encourage violence and others are said to improve coordination or critical thinking skills. Video game stores, both physical locations and online stores, are everywhere, and video game prices just keep going up. Game stores in New York are packed every time a new release comes out, and Chicago video game stores are the same. People wait in line all night to be the first to play a hyped game. Then there are the people who play the vintage games, developing a Nintendo collection that goes back decades. Different gamers have different interests, but they have one thing in common. They are always trying to find new games to buy.

Now a privately owned website is catering to serious gamers and game collectors, offering a Nintendo NES price guide, a video game podcast series, reviews of games and stores, and many video game collecting tips. The site is called Dinkydana.com, and it stand out from other sites because it was created simply for the love of gaming, and of gamers. It was created to simply help gamers find good prices, good stores, good games, and have a good time. This level of sincerity is rare these days, in the world of pay sites and corporate web domination. Visitors can find everything on this one site, from a Shadow of the Colossus review to lists and reviews of video stores around the country, to a comprehensive price guide of practically every video game ever made. If visitors want Sega Saturn prices, they can find them. If they want to find prices for Playstation games and equipment, they are in luck. If they are into collecting Super Nintendo game merchandise, they are all set.

A representative from Dinkydana.com stated, "This is a site that was created to help gamers save money, find what they are looking for, and have more fun. It's a labor of love, not a profit-motivated site. Anything we can think of to do to help game enthusiasts develop their collections, choose games, avoid getting ripped off, or just have more fun, we do it." It seems as though the people of Dinkydana.com are succeeding in their quest to make the world a better place for video gamers, because the popularity of the site continues to rise. This level of community is encouraging among a subculture that is unfairly criticized for being antisocial.

About Dinkydana.com

Dinkydana.com is a multi-faceted website created to help video game enthusiasts find video game prices, reviews of video game stores, video game podcasts, and other valuable resources. A visitor can gain video game collecting tips and other information that will contribute to his or her hobby.

For more details : http://www.dinkydana.com/


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