The 2007-2016 Outlook for the Metal Work Market in Russia

21-May-2012 | General Article (Non-News)

Production of metal works contributes the most to supply of metal works in the Russian market. The share of production of metal works in the total volume of supply equaled 67%, or 4.4 million tons in 2011. The share of import in the total volume of supply amounted to 9%, or 598.2 thousand tons in 2011.
 In 2007-2008, production of metal works in Russia advanced by 24.8%, from 3.3 to 4.1 million tons. In 2009, production of metal works decreased by 8.2% against the previous year. Manufacture had been falling up to 2010, and the fall totaled 3.5 million tons. In 2011, production of metal works rose up to 4.4 million tons. The leading producers of metal works in Russia were the Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Moscow regions in 2011. The share of manufacture of these regions amounted to 45%, or 1.97 million tons in 2011. Industry Analysis
 According to BusinesStat forecast, in 2012-2016, the export price for metal works will be stably growing on average by 6.3% per annum and will reach $4.4 thousand dollars per ton in 2016.
 The 2007-2016 Outlook for the Metal Work Market in Russia contains the essential data, necessary to comprehend the current market opportunities and conditions and to assess the future prospects, covering such points as:
* The overall assessment of the economic environment in Russia
 * Sales volume of metal works, selling price for metal works
 * The balance of demand for and supply of metal works
 * The volume of production, export, import and in-stock balance of metal works
 * The average wholesale price, prices of export and import of metal works
 * Ratings of companies if the industry by economic output and sales revenue
 The outlook provides information on separate kinds of metal works:

 * Ferrous metal works
 * Aluminium metal works
 * Wrought metal works
 Detailed information by region is given in the outlook for Russia. The outlook contains information on the major producers of metal works.
 Official statistics from the following source used for preparing the report:
* Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation
 * Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
 * Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
 * Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation
 * Customs Union EurAsEC
 The results of BusinesStat research were applied along with official statistics:
* Audit of sales of metal works
 * Survey of experts of the metal work market
 Table 1. Nominal and real gdp volumes, russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles)
 Table 2. Real gdp volume and its index, russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles, %)
 Table 3. Fixed investments from all sources of financing, russia, 2007-2016 (trillion rubles, %)
 Table 4. Export and import volumes and balance of trade, russia, 2007-2016 (billion dollars)
 Table 5. Average annual exchange rate of the us dollar to the ruble, russia, 2006-2015 (rur/usd, %)
 Table 6. Consumer price index (the inflation rate) and producer price index, russia, 2007-2016 (% to the previous year)
 Table 7. Size of population inclusive of migrants, russia 2006-2015 (million people)
 Table 8. Real household income, russia, 2006-2015 (% to the previous year)
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The 2007-2016 Outlook for the Metal Work Market in Russia
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