Lean Ape - A Layman's Guide To Stay Lean And Fit

23-Jun-2012 | News-Press Release

WALNUT, CA ( prsafe ) June 21, 2012 - KISS (Keep It Simple & Short) Principle - This seems to work the most effectively across different walks of life, both on and off work life. Lean Ape has gone on to prove that this principle can be applied by every Individual for a hale and healthy life. How did they do it? Thanks to the world of World of Information Technology, they have been able to reach people around the globe through their Website. Staying true to the principle, Alexis and Dave - founders of the Lean Ape Initiative have designed a website to the simplest level possible. Nevertheless, the site seems to have gathered the required attention from people around the world since Alex decided to have a Discussion forum, where anyone visiting theirwebsite can share their experiences to lose weight, information on low carb recipes and relatively simple workouts to build muscles.

Wondering what their website information contains? One of their links, 'Exercise'contains simple tips on basic workouts for different body parts and step by step instruction with visual images and how the workout needs to be done. Another link called 'Recipes' has an interactive feature that enables the site visitors to post their recipes for a low carb diet that would enable one to lose weight. Other readers of this website after trying out recipes from this website do post their candid comments on how effective the recipe turned out to be for them. One of the notable aspects of this website is that all workout tips provided for exercise are backed up with a proven result.

Well, there are umpteen number of websites in this virtual world that are a lot more attractive, with more health tips and proven successful. If you wonder why anyone would take a peek into this relatively simple and less informative website, the answer is quite simple too - Lean Ape works perfectly well for a layman who is not a Fitness freak, trying to build on six packs or contesting for a Body building contest. The tips for workout and healthy recipe comes from fitness conscious Alexis and Dave and other readers who aim to be fit and in good shape so that they can look good naked!!

And since vast majority of the world population falls under the category that Alexis and Dave belong to, it is obviously attracting more readers and followers compared to the commercial websites aiming to market and sell their products, with minimal impact though. Some of the testimonials from people who have actually felt the effect of low carb recipes prove to be a real good inspiration for those aspiring to get back to shape and remain fit. Their E-book on Lean Ape does provide collective information that one can forward to their well-wishers.

For more information on Lean Ape, please visit http://www.leanape.com/


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