2012 Deep Research Report on China Pseudo Boehmite Industry

27-Jun-2012 | General Article (Non-News)

HTML clipboard2012 Deep Research Report on China Pseudo Boehmite Industry was depth and professional research report on China Pseudo Boehmite industry. The report firstly introduced Pseudo Boehmite definition classification application and industry chain structure. Then introduced Pseudo Boehmite manufacturing technology and process, equipments list and cost structure. And then summary statistics Global and China 2009-2016 Pseudo Boehmite capacity Production and production market share by manufacturers and regions, introduced global and China Pseudo Boehmite supply demand and shortage, introduced global and China Pseudo Boehmite selling price cost profit production value and gross margin etc details information. http://www.bharatbook.com/metals-and-minerals-market-research-reports/2012-deep-research-report-on-china-pseudo-boehmite-industry.html
 And also introduced China key manufacturers Pseudo Boehmite price cost profit gross margin and these manufacturers technology sources and company background information. Finally,the report also introduced 10KT/Year Pseudo Boehmite project feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, it was a depth research report on China Pseudo Boehmite industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Pseudo Boehmite industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Pseudo Boehmite Team survey and interview.
 Table of Contents
 Chapter One Pseudo Boehmite Industry Overview 1
1.1 Pseudo Boehmite Definition 1
 1.2Pseudo Boehmite Classification 1
 1.3 Pseudo Boehmite Application 2
 1.3.1 Pseudo Boehmite Characteristics 2
 1.3.2 Use as Catalyst 2
 1.3.3 Use in Automobile Exhaust Purification Process 3
 1.3.4 Use in Paper Industry 4
 1.4 Pseudo Boehmite Industry Chain Structure 4
 1.4.1 Oil Catalytic Cracking 4
 1.4.2 Automobile Exhaust Purification 5
 1.4.3 Highgrade Paper Coating 6
 1.5 Thin Boehmite and Pseudo Boehmite Difference 6
 1.5.1 Thin Boehmite and Pseudo Boehmite Difference 6
 1.5.2 Thin Boehmite and Pseudo Boehmite Distinguishing Method 7
 1.6 Pseudo Boehmite Development Trend 7
 Chapter Two Pseudo Boehmite Manufacturing Technology and Process 8
2.1Pseudo Boehmite Process Summary 8
 2.1.1 Carbonation Method 8
 2.1.2 Neutralization Method 10
 2.1.3 Alcohol Aluminum Hydrolysis Method 10
 2.1.4 H2O2 Precipitation Sodium aluminate solution Method 10
 2.1.5 Other Method 11
 2.2 Pseudo Boehmite Manufacturing Technology Development Trend 12
 2.2.1 Carbonation Method Pseudo Boehmite Manufacturing Technology Overview 12 Carbonation Temperature 13 Carbonation Concentration 13 Gelling PH Value Influence to Quality 14 Continuous Decomposition 14 lowalkali Aging 15 Manufacturing Equipments Improvement 17 Special Pseudo Boehmite R&D 19
 2.2.2 Aluminum Sulfate Method Pseudo Boehmite Influence Factor 19 Gelling Condition Influence 19 Aging Condition Influence 20 Washing Condition Influence 21
 2 2.2.4 Dry conditions Influence 22
 2.3 Pseudo Boehmite Manufacturing Equipments 23
 2.4 Pseudo Boehmite Testing Equipments 24
 2.5 Pseudo Boehmite Project (10KRMB/Year) Total Investment 25
 2.6 Pseudo Boehmite BOM (Bill of Material) 26
 Chapter Three Pseudo Boehmite Production Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 27
3.1 Pseudo Boehmite Market Analysis 27
 3.1.1 International Pseudo Boehmite Development Status 27
 3.1.2 China Pseudo Boehmite Development Status 29
 3.2 Pseudo Boehmite Macro Market Environment Analysis 30
 3.2.1 China Petroleum Refining Market Analysis 30
 3.2.2 China Multiple Varieties Alumina Development 30
 3.3 Key Oil Catalyst Suppliers Overview 31
 3.3.1 Qilu Petrochemical Catalyst Plant 31
 3.3.2 Lanzhou Petrochemical Catalyst Plant 32
 3.3.3 Changling Catalyst Plant 33
 3.3.4 Fushun Petroleum Catalyst Plant 34
 3.3.5 Beijing Aoda Catalyst Plant 34
 3.4 Global Pseudo Boehmite Production Overview 36
 3.5 China Pseudo Boehmite Production Overview 40
 3.6 Pseudo Boehmite Production Market Share 47
 3.7 Global and China Pseudo Boehmite Demand Overview 48
 3.8 Pseudo Boehmite Supply Demand and Shortage 48
 3.9 Pseudo Boehmite Cost Price Production Value Gross Margin 49
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2012 Deep Research Report on China Pseudo Boehmite Industry
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