Where To Purchase Your Very Own Dreambox 8000 Or 800 Se Online

09-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

To answer the question 'what is a Dreambox', 'what is humax' or 'what is cccam', we need to dig into some technical talk, since we might need some technical skills to use to device properly at first. When it's your first time you hear about the Dreambox, it will be a good idea to start with some kind of Dreambox how to when installing it for the first time. By doing that, you can make sure you decently understand what you are doing, to avoid any stupid mistakes. 'What is a Dreambox' can easily be answered in a narrow way by saying that it is a box that offers you the opportunity to watch many, many digital tv channels and listen to digital radio. The box is connected to the internet and runs on Linux. As you may know, Linux is an open-source operating system. Just like with a PC, you have dozens of options with your Dreambox, as the open-source software allows you to modify many options and settings, just the way you like. Of course, it is possible to give a more broad definition when answering the question 'what is a Dreambox', something we will certainly do.

When you are using you Dreambox, you are able to watch all kinds of channels. Probably, you have never heard of most of them, which makes it less interesting to watch or listen. Of course, the community found a way to watch the more popular channels that, for example, broadcast the interesting sport games. For this, you need a 'softcam', like cccam. Again, it might be a good idea to find yourself some Dreambox how to when you need some more information on this topic. Cccam is an emulator for your Dreambox, that provides you with the opportunity to watch the channels you prefer. Of course, there are more options available, but at the moment you might consider it the best softcam for your Dreambox. Since your Dreambox runs on Linux, it won't be that big of a problem to get cccam running for most of you.

DVB receivers are not extremely plentiful, particularly Linux based ones. Actually, you may have difficulty discovering a decent one. The Dreambox DM 500-S was the initial one produced by the German business. It is designed with the user in thoughts and is completely customizable. One extremely important feature is that it can connect to the web via an Ethernet modem. This is an particularly popular receiver. Listed here are some of the much more prominent features of the unit.

The Dreambox 500-S can handle a wide variety of video text with its 250 Mega Hertz Power PC processor. The LNB switching program has an electronic programming guide to help with functionality. Its most unique high quality is the Linux operating program which also supplies an additional option of using a Intelligent Card reader. The 500-S is equipped with a slot which reads the card when it is inserted. The 500 model is the smallest of the digital Linux box receivers that is equipped with a card reader.

You can purchase your Dreambox 8000 or Dreambox 800 Se at http://www.dreambox-8000.com on the internet, this makes things a lot easier, plus all the information you'll ever need on the Dreambox is available at the website. If you want to purchase your Dreambox for a reasonable price, and get the latest updates and installments, it comes highly recommended that your purchase at http://www.dreambox-8000.com.

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