GameStock to sell Apple Tablet, App games and Kindle Fire

18-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

The age of computing and gaming has changed in recent years thanks to the advancements in technology and the internet. No longer do we have to use consoles with external controllers in our homes to enjoy high quality gaming activities, we can simply use an apple tablet or Amazon kindle to satisfy our needs wherever we go. Instead of plugging in games into consoles, all we need now to enjoy the latest games crazes and activities is already built into the tablet devices. There are a lot of differences between the Amazon kindle and the apple tablet devices, the Amazon kindle is primarily used to download and read books on, this hand held walking library is very useful for many reasons. The kindle allows you to save huge amounts of space in your home as you don't have to stack books everywhere and lose valuable space, you can simply store all your favorite books in your Amazon Kindle.

The apple tablet devices such as the iPad hold many more functions, this is most probably why they are more in demand than the kindle, though the kindle does have some amazing features. The apple tablets allow you to download applications which can be great fun, these applications are similar or the same to the ones you can download on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The applications can be gaming applications such as the famous Angry Birds games, or they can be more productive such as weather applications and more information based applications. You can also use TV and film apps such as Netflix or Love Film, these allow you to watch high definition movies and TV episodes right from your apple device.

People love to use these devices as they are no longer restrictive. Older and still existing gaming consoles always had to be plugged in, whereas these hand held devices can be taken anywhere. You can also surf the net with them anywhere you wish, as long as you can pick up a wireless signal, or if you have 3G installed. The biggest downside to these products is that they are expensive, and in times such as these where financial situations are tough for most of us, we can't all afford the retail store prices for the apple tablets or kindle. It would seem that all hope is lost, however it isn't.

These days people love comparison sites, as they allow you to find the cheapest most quickest route to finding and buying the same product. There is now a high quality website which allows you to compare apple tablet devices and Amazon kindles, so that you can find the cheapest price tag for the devices. This is a real godsend to those who can't afford to pay the retail prices as it allows them to buy the same products, but for a price that suits their budget. The site is called and you can locate it online at The address for the Kindle comparison can be found at, this is called You can now purchase your favorite tablet device for less than the retail prices, all thanks to GameStockcouk. Claim your free "Cadbury's Curly Wurly" by joining the forum! *T&Cs apply, max 1 per household.

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