Drought and Hot Water May Require Aggressive Gopher Control Measures

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(Newsbox) 26-Jul-2012

For effective gopher control, Los Angele property owners should consult with professional gopher exterminators such as those at Wheeler's Pest Control.

Wheeler's Pest Control wishes to inform Los Angeles and Orange County, California property owners that the nationwide drought may cause an increase in gopher activity. If property owners notice signs of gopher infestation they should contact professional gopher exterminators as soon as possible. Wheeler's knows that when it comes to Gopher Control Los Angeles property owners have options, but working with experienced and skilled gopher exterminators is the best option.

Those who have experienced this type of rodent infestation already know just how dangerous and damaging these pests can be if they are allowed to breed and grow in number. This particular pest can cause widespread damage to lawns, gardens, crops, and landscaping. The overall dollar amount of damage that they can cause is staggering, with many farmers reporting massive crop losses. Add this to the unrelenting heat and lack of rain seen this year, and one can easily see how property can become endangered. Again, calling in a professional Gopher Extermination service is the best option.

In addition to property damage, gophers can harm livestock, pets, and people. This occurs when individuals or animals step onto a weakened area of surface ground and fall through. These falls can cause broken ankles and legs and have resulted in many animals having to be put down because of their injuries. As the pest burrow underground, they leave tunnels which cannot support the surface ground, especially if any significant weight is put onto that damaged area. Wheeler's gopher control program can stop further damage from occurring and perhaps save future incidents of injury to animals and humans.

One of the best ways to determine if a property is being damaged by these pests is to look for mounds of earth. These animals create these mounds as they move along underground, tunneling. To remove the loose soil, they push it to the surface and create mounds of soil which are easily visible. Property owners may or may not see the actual hole off to the side of the mound. These holes are often not visible without careful inspection.

It should also be known that these pests can create tunnel systems that range from 200 to over 2,000 square feet. The longer they are allowed to burrow, and they burrow constantly, the more square footage that will be affected by their activities. Unlike many other animals, gophers do not hibernate. They go about their tunneling year round and are known to burrow at any time of day or night.

As mentioned above, when it comes to gopher control, Los Angeles property owners have option. Many may consider doing their own gopher control techniques, but this often produces disappointing results. Ridding a property of these pest requires special training and skills in order to be truly effective. Because these animals are known to breed several times a year, leaving only a few on the property can result in a new infestation, thus taking the property owner back to where he or she started. The more effective option is to bring in professional gopher extermination services.

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