Analysis of Energy Harvesting Applications

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(Newsbox) 11-Aug-2012

Bharat Book introduces a report " Analysis of Energy Harvesting Applications " potential users and those supplying, financing or otherwise involved in energy harvesting need to identify.

Energy harvesting is the use of ambient energy to provide electricity for small and or mobile equipment, whether electrical or electronic. In 2011, $700 million was spent on the energy harvesting component itself, rising to just under $5 billion in 2022. Those wishing to use energy harvesting need reassurance that it is a technology that has progressed beyond trials and new product announcements. They need to benchmark best practice.

In addition, potential users and those supplying, financing or otherwise involved in energy harvesting need to identify the successful suppliers, technologies and users and learn from the failures out there. This report provides the answers, with analysis of over 170 successful ongoing uses of energy harvesting in 33 countries. Here we summarise some of the findings.

1.1. Most successful applicational sectors
1.2. Winning territories and their emphasis
2.1. Definition
2.2. Size and structure of the market
2.3. Benefits
2.4. Primary energy harvesting needs
2.5. Types of energy harvesting
2.5.1. Technologies likely to succeed in future
2.5.2. Using several technologies together
2.5.3. Payback from energy harvesting
2.5.4. Importance of the Third World
3.1. Afghanistan laptop computers
3.2. Brazil, Botswana, Palestine West Bank solar charged hearing aid
3.3. Burundi mobile phones
3.4. Haiti "Faith Comes by Hearing" electronic bibles
3.5. India solar powered refrigeration
3.6. Kenya mobile phone
3.7. South Africa Freeplay foetal heart monitor
3.8. South Africa Freeplay radio
3.9. Uganda mobile phone
3.10. Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia, Zambia, payphone
4.1. Canada Trudeau International Airport
4.2. China National Space Administration satellites
4.3. France European Space Agency satellites
4.4. India Space Research Organisation satellites
4.5. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
4.6. Switzerland solar plane
4.7. UK satellites
4.8. USA aircraft AeroVironment
4.9. USA Amerigon fuel cells
4.10. USA Germany robot jellyfish
4.11. USA military guidance system tester
4.12. USA Military land vehicles
4.13. USA NASA on Mars- planetary exploration vehicles
4.14. USA NASA satellites and space vehicles
4.15. USA Textron Bell helicopter sensing
5.1. Brazil Yacht Ferretti environmental controls
5.2. Italy mooring buoys
5.3. Japan lighthouses
5.4. Japan sea buoys
5.5. Switzerland electric boats
5.6. UK Rolls Royce turbines
5.7. UK sea buoys
5.8. USA sea buoys
5.9. USA sea gliders Liquid Robotics
6.1. Austria Uniqa tower controls
6.2. Brazil Philips intelligent lighting
6.3. Brazil SMT Sandvik headquarters controls
6.4. Canada Club Intrawest Whistler
6.5. Canada IKEA Brossard
6.6. Canada institute de Cardiologie controls
6.7. Canada Olympic Village Whistler
6.8. Canada Promutuel insurance building controls
6.9. Canada Promutuel insurance building controls
6.10. Canada Regulvar office controls
6.11. Canada St Andrew's Cathedral Victoria
6.12. Canada St Joseph Elementary School
6.13. Canada The Citadel of Quebec
6.14. Canada Zero Energy Green Home
6.15. France Nestlé headquarters controls
6.16. Germany Adidas Herzogenaurach building controls
6.17. Germany Agnes Karl Hospital Laartzen controls
6.18. Germany Alexander Wacker Haus building controls
6.19. Germany AVIVA Munich controls
6.20. Germany AXA Maschinenbau
6.21. Germany BSC headquarters building automation
6.22. Germany Elementary School Bromskirchen
6.23. Germany Festo AG Technology Center Hamburg
6.24. Germany Hotel Platzl controls
6.25. Germany Hotel Winkler Brau
6.26. Germany ICE Phoenix headquarters controls
6.27. Germany Juwi Headquarters controls
6.28. Germany Kaispeicher building controls
6.29. Germany MAN Werk Munich controls
6.30. Germany MDS Landesfunkhaus Thuringia
6.31. Germany Medical Center of Quedlinberg controls

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