Northern VA Benefits Consultants Discuss How a Furlough Affects Employees

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Fairfax, Virginia (Newsbox) 07-Jan-2021

Business Benefits Group recently released a new informational resource on their website explaining how a furlough affects employees and employee benefits. The article focuses on educating full-time employees on furloughs and the effects they can have on income and access to benefits.

Fairfax, Virginia (prsafe ) January 7, 2021 - Business Benefits Group, a Northern Virginia benefits consulting firm, recently released a new educational resource on its website that focuses on furloughs and helping full-time employees understand how furloughs can affect income and employee benefits. The new article was designed in order to help full-time employees who have been placed on a leave of absence understand what their rights are and how they can ensure they still are receiving the proper income and benefits they deserve. The team hopes this new article will help the mass of full-time employees on leave better understand what to expect and the most common effects furloughs have on them.

BBG offers a valuable approach for employees who have been placed on leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, they explain how this abrupt change in employment status affects income, benefits, and other side effects of furloughs. In the article, the consulting group explains, "Furloughs can take place in both public and private institutions. An organization will furlough employees as a cost-saving measure when it doesn't want to lay off staff but lacks the resources to continue paying them." They detail the entire furlough process and what different industries are experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

While the most recent addition to the company's online resources focuses on furloughs and how they can affect pay and benefits, the company provides insightful and impactful benefits consulting services to organizations of all sizes, helping them grow while ensuring stability and longevity. Some of their consulting services include benefits consulting, business and general liability insurance, succession planning, as well as HR, compliance, and technology consulting.

In an industry overwhelmed with consolidation, BBG is proud of its fierce independence and dedication to helping employees feel confident and safe in their income and benefits. They strive to help employees never feel like they are caught off guard when it comes to the benefits they deserve for working hard. For more information on how BBG can help you understand your benefits plan, contact them today at 844-201-3612 or visit their website at Their headquarters are located at 4069 Chain Bridge RoadTop Floor in Fairfax, VA 22030.





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