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(Newsbox) 30-Oct-2011

After Boowie, Table tennis soul tournament, and Woolly Factory, Egg Ball is proud to present you the most creative game on appstore. Available Thursday (03/11/2011)

Forget other games,  to win here you must create first.

Create as you play

In the heart of a colorful Drap and Drop game, help Lexie to create her universe and journey around the world, by cutting and assembling shapes. Through a charming story and funny animations, the creation will be your only gameplay. Let your imagination to guide you...

In order to make you wait, Egg Ball team made its best to entertain you and share with you Lexie's Blog, fan page, fake interviews, contest, and so on. Don't hesitate to follow the Patchworld's experience.

Discover the Lexie Cut's story and all her funny adventures. More than a simple story, Lexie will present to you talented bloggers and give you each week new creative advice. Lexie's Patchworld.

The team was staged in fake interviews on the topic: When the boys create a game for girls... Find all the videos on our Youtube channel  or on our FTP.

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