Leighton Law Gets Listed in ‘The Best Lawyers in America 2012’ for the 5th Consecutive Year

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(Newsbox) 09-Jun-2012

John Elliot Leighton, owner of Leighton Law is offering effective services to people who’ve had personal loss due to others’ negligence. They are also handling other complex and catastrophic cases with efficiency.

Miami, FL (prsafe) June 5, 2012 - Leighton Law is listed in the premier guide of the world's best lawyers for the 5th consecutive year. The firm now holds the title of The Best Lawyers in America for 2012. We have a team of experienced lawyers that offer effective services to clients who have gone through a personal loss due to the negligence of others. Our personal injury lawyers at Leighton Law firm specialize in these particular fields and can assist with any case you bring forth.

Mr. John Elliot Leighton is the owner of the law firm and is a Florida Bar board certified civil trial lawyer. He has more than twenty-six years of experience on various complex and catastrophic issues including personal injury. "We are well known as the best Miami personal injury attorney because our experienced lawyers are certified and will represent you to the best of their abilities," commented Mr. John Elliot Leighton.

Recently, the lawyers at Leighton Law solved a very critical case of sexual abuse in which a child was sexually harassed by an older child in the school gym. The incident took place in the Orlando, FL area. The Orlando Sentinel newspaper initially reported the whole incident to the Leighton firm and requested them to handle the issue. The mother of the victim reported that the older boys had battered her son more than five times in the past. The boy was quickly taken into therapy for treatment because there were signs of emotional distress.

Leighton Law was asked to look into these allegations; and after reviewing the case they explained that unfortunately these types of incidents have been very common in our society. "This is a disturbing and sad situation for the child that was put through the abuse, because now it will affect his entire outlook on life and other people" commented Leighton Law. The spokesperson of the law firm greatly thanked the Orlando Sentinel newspaper for choosing the personal injury attorney Miami to handle this sensitive case.

The experienced lawyers at Leighton Law are also now handling cases of medical malpractice Miami. "We feel that our lawyers will be able to handle these medical cases well because our lawyers are professionals with years of experience in this field, along with personal injury cases," reported an official spokesperson of Leighton Law. The associates of the law firm are confident that this new service will help aid those in need of these services more easily..

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