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(Newsbox) 22-Jun-2012 is an endeavor by Miami attorney Steven Pinkert where he is found to post about his own travel experiences with detailed discussions on them

Coral Gables, FL (prsafe) June 19, 2012 - Great news for wandering travelers - our sources report of that seems to have come up as an interesting hub for travel information. The blog is a creation of Steven D Pinkert who is an attorney by profession based in Florida.

Apart from his involvement in the legal sector, Steven Pinkert is an extensive traveler too. "I travel extensively for business and pleasure. I have been to China more than 40 times as well as parts of Africa, India, Morocco and also many places in the Caribbean and Latin America", says the Miami attorney in his blog. His Chinese expeditions are reportedly due to his business ventures in the Chinese market.

Mr. Pinkert's travel blog is found to host a comprehensive detail on the places explored by the lawyer himself. The Florida based attorney traveler has divided his blog into 3 broad categories namely "Caribbean Travel", "South-American Travel" and "Air Travel" within which he has presented a detailed discussion about all his latest journeys. The blog is a recent venture by him and he has entries starting from the month of April 2012.

The blogger is found to provide an extensive diary of his expeditions starting from his date of journey along with the experiences gathered there. He even takes the time to write about the climate in the area, his flight experiences and has also reported on the mechanical failures faced on the flights. Additionally, Pinkert describes the history of the places he visits which altogether is an enriching read for the eager travelers.

It's important to mention that Pinkert's blog frequently talks about the usually unexplored and remote locales such as a recent trip to Suriname.

In addition to the details on his journeys, Pinkert is found to have decorated his blog with beautiful pictures. "Well, I am only an amateur photographer", Pinkert seems to stay modest on his shutterbug expressions. All his posts are followed by snap shots taken by the lawyer himself on his travel expeditions.

The visitors to Pinkert's blog seem to be happy with his travel post details. Many of them have complimented the blogger stating that his posts were a nice read for them. To know more about his blogs, visit


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