Newsbox is a self serve application with no training required. We will, however, provide a brief orientation if necessary and can answer general questions about a Newsbox account or software in our Learn More section.

We review all submissions made on Newsbox to ensure the service remains free from content abuse and spam. We provide recommendations for some submissions to ensure you are submitting appropriate content. We may, at times, recommend additional topics or content for your releases to ensure you reach the appropriate readers.

We do not write news releases or produce graphics or files. We do, however, recommend including graphics, videos and other files to any release.

We’ve recently redesigned our platform and consolidated our three profile options into a single, easy-to-use, manageable account type. If you are a business, you can simply create an account and add expertise or, if you’re a journalist, add your journalist credentials.

If you used PRSafe, you know we used to include an integrated website newsroom feature. While the feature was great, we’ve discontinued it in this version in favor of a simple embed option. You can now simply embed your release into an existing website or share it socially.

We strive to continually update and improve our services.