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A little about our distribution:

PRSafe Distribution

PRSafe is an easy to use web-based way to:

Host and Distribute News Releases

Increase visibility locally or globally. Generate fans, get traffic to your website, build your brand or just share other information you think people should know.

Connect and Communicate

  • Build and manage relationships with people who want to receive your news. Connect with a growing number of PRSafe users.
  • You may already use RSS, newswires and email. PRSafe combines the power of these tools in a single easy-to-use solution.
  • Find experts or share your expertise by topic, industry or subject.

Get Visibility for News on Your Website

Embed a release in your existing website or create a newsroom for your website to manage your ongoing news posting requirements.

You can also embed our news feeds into your website for constantly changing content

Manage Communication Material

Manage pictures, videos, presentations and more, using our secure file management system.

Manage Campaigns

Manage client data and share it. Find new opportunities. Manage the news on a client’s website.

Manage Your Brand

PRSafe gives you the ability to host a single message and distribute it over multiple channels so you can better manage and monitor your brand.

Monitor News

PRSafe monitoring, alerts, digests and newsroom allow you to keep track of what’s important to you.