Makes Craftsman Nextec , Fein Multimaster, Rockwell Sonicrafter More Affordable

02-Apr-2012 | News-Press Release

Pittsburgh, PA (prsafe) March 30, 2012 - They call the 21st Century the "Information Age," but information is not the only thing being created. While computers have dominated many aspects of the United States economy, and the global economy, there are still millions of people across the nation who make their living with their hands, making and repairing things. They build houses, renovate buildings, construct bridges, repair damage, and make the world look and function better. While factories may not be in abundance in the U.S. like they used to be, craftsmen and craftswomen across the land go to work every day to keep things progressing. These businesses are some of the most important in America. Some would even say that they are the backbone of American business because technology and trends will come and go, but the practical, skilled trades that provide the material basics of life will always be in demand.

Technology does play a role in these trades, though, especially in terms of tool technology. The oscillating multi tool has replaced dozens of large, heavy traditional tools, making workers' lives much easier. One Rockwell Sonicrafter with some basic blades will take the place of a rip saw, jigsaw, oscillating saw, sander, hacksaw, and paint scraper, so these light, convenient tools are popping at job sites all over the world. The only downside is that the replacement blades are not cheap, especially if you buy the name brand ones.

Fortunately, the problem of expensive replacement blades for multi tools has a solution as well. has come to be known worldwide for providing durable, precise, inexpensive replacements for the Craftsman Nextec, Fein Multimaster, Rockwell Sonicrafter, and other multi tools, saving businesses a fortune. Some name brand multi tool blades can cost over $30, which adds up very quickly when a crew of ten workers are using these blades all day for weeks at a time. Of course, business success is all about the "bottom line," profit. This means focusing on saving money as well as bringing it in. A representative from states, "We know how much construction crews can spend on replacement blades because we have worked on those crews. These tools are great, but the blades don't last forever. It's great to be able to help the company owners to save hundreds, even thousands a year by providing top quality blades that work in their choice of multi tools."

Replacement blades may seem like a small matter, but saving one half to three quarters on blade costs can potentially make the difference between a company surviving or failing. This is an encouraging example of technology and the entrepreneurial spirit giving hope in times of economic uncertainty.

About has earned a global reputation for providing high quality replacement multi tool blades for one half to one fifth of the cost of name brand blades. They create replacement blades for the Craftsman Nextec, Fein Multimaster, Rockwell Sonicrafter, and other multi tools. For more information, please visit


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