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(Newsbox) 28-Aug-2011

This critically acclaimed psychological gothic thriller from award-winning London novelist Wayne Sharrocks is now on world-wide release.

Kismet by Wayne Sharrocks 

This critically acclaimed psychological gothic thriller from award-winning London novelist Wayne Sharrocks is now on world-wide release. 

From the Publisher:

Wayne's literary nominations thus far include Channel 4 Television's Richard & Judy's Book-Club Competition, The Guardian First Book Award & The McKitterick Prize.

We think that you will find this new title to be a powerful, fast-moving and exciting psychological thriller.

 Review:  'Wayne Sharrocks is a master of his craft, handling each twist and turn of the plot with consummate skill and with dialogue sharp as a switchblade...'   The Guardian

About the Author: Wayne was born in Camden, London but is presently residing in East Anglia (on the Norfolk/Suffolk border). 

After attending college he embarked on a career within the 'Animal Welfare' sector (RSPCA, DEFRA, Battersea Dogs Home, Mayhew Animal Home...), before returning to his passion for writing.

In 2005 he secured a three-book deal with Pegasus Publishers, who are based in Cambridge. All novels thus far are psychological thrillers. 

His debut novel 'Redemption' was released 23/01/06 to critical success with the second title 'Dominion' following 08/10/07. 

Kismet - Synopsis: 

For Billy Evans, the past was a haunted place that left an indelible imprint on the here and now. As he struggles to piece his life together he finds himself drawn back into a world of violence and terror.

 Already emotionally struggling with the passing over of his remaining family, a chance encounter further clouds the border between reality, perception and illusion.

He has spent his life struggling to escape his past but now with memories triggered, he finds himself with no option but to begin an emotive quest for revenge, retribution and finally redemption. 

ISBN-10: 1843866277    ISBN-13: 978-1843866275 

Author: Wayne Sharrocks 

Title: Kismet 

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